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CEO, Healthcare Technology/FemTech

Jonathan is that rare beast- a technical leader with a warm, empathetic leadership style. He's able to accurately assess the security and operational efficiency of your team/product/company, and then lay down his assessment accompanied by a pragmatic set of recommendations for handling what he's discovered in his assessment. Even when his recommendations are going to be hard to achieve, his engaging leadership style will win over the stakeholders needed to get the work done.

Customer Data Platform Director, Luxury Retail

Sarah was a critical team member at Neiman Marcus within the CDP team. She came in and quickly understood what was needed and how to work with all team members to help the business move forward. Her organization and communication skills were critical to keep the team moving forward when COVID sent the team home to work remotely for the next few years.

These were unprecedented times and Sarah helped everyone in the US and India keep the priorities straight. Her control of the daily standup was epic and everyone on the team knew they could lean on her to work through any difficulty. She knew the CDP tool inside and out, and the business users leaned on her when they had any questions.

She also worked directly with architects on the data platform team and data analysts to ensure that data brought into the tool was what our business users needed to drive effective marketing campaigns. The team was one of the most productive teams inside IT and she was a major reason for that productivity.

Head of People, Cryptowallet DeFi and NFT Platform

Jonathan has been a remarkable peer and colleague at 2 different start-ups together. I consider myself spoiled in that I've had the privilege to work with a Security leader who demonstrates such an exceptional leadership style, partnership, emotional intelligence and influencing capabilities.

What sets Jonathan apart, however, is not just his technical prowess but also his exceptional interpersonal skills. His approachability and willingness to collaborate make him a pleasure to work with. I have had the privilege of partnering with him on numerous projects, and each time, I have been struck by his ability to build strong working relationships with colleagues across various departments. He fosters an environment of trust and open communication, which has been instrumental in achieving our collective goals.

He is highly organized and methodical in his approach, ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget. His strategic thinking and ability to adapt to changing circumstances have allowed our organizations to navigate complex security challenges with ease.

One of Jonathan's most impressive qualities is his knack for gaining buy-in and influence. He has a natural ability to articulate the importance of IT security measures to both technical and non-technical stakeholders. His persuasive communication style and passion for his work make it easy for others to rally behind his initiatives.

This has been particularly crucial in driving the adoption of security best practices across our organizations. At the most recent company we both worked at I had the opportunity to recommend a Security Leader and without hesitation I recommended Jonathan because of everything mentioned and more. I have the utmost confidence that Jonathan will continue to excel and make significant contributions to any organization fortunate enough to have him as part of their team. He has my highest recommendation, and I am certain that he will continue to achieve greatness in his career.

Lead Digital Project Manager, Electronic Component and Industrial Automation Supplier

Sarah proved to be a valuable member of our product team. She had a knack for effectively communicating with stakeholders and the development team, ensuring a smooth alignment of expectations. Her ability to balance technical and business aspects made her a reliable product manager and product owner.

One of Sarah's strengths was her commitment to continuous product discovery. She had a proactive approach to learning and improvement, always open to new ideas that could enhance our product. Sarah's dedication to gathering user feedback and market insights led to several product improvements.

Sarah also displayed good stakeholder management skills, effectively navigating complex relationships to keep all parties informed and engaged throughout the product development cycle.